Wrist Pain Causes

Carpal Tunnel

Thickened ligaments can cause pain, numbness and weakness in the hand.


Inflammation in and around the wrist causes cartilage and tissue degeneration

Over Use

We use our wrists for a lot of activities each day


Injuring the bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles that are in and around the wrist can lead to wrist pain

Neck misalignment

Misalignment of the bones of the neck can cause dysfunction in your elbows, wrists and fingers.

Symptoms of wrist problems


Trouble gripping things

Clicking noise when moving wrist

Traditional Treatments Fall Short



  • Research study followed 50 patients who underwent carpal tunnel surgery. After the first surgery Thirty-four hands continued to have persistent symptoms, 
  • 18 hands had recurrent symptoms, 
  • and three hands had completely new symptoms. 

Reexploration revealed: 

  • Incomplete release in 32 patients. 
  • Circumferential fibrosis around the median nerve was found in all patients. Forty-six percent of patients with recurrent symptoms had slight palmar subluxation of the median nerve. 

After the revision (SECOND) surgery

symptomatic improvement was rated "slightly better" by 90% for open carpal tunnel release

symptomatic improvement was rated "slightly better" by 76% for endoscopic carpal tunnel release

"complete release" was rated by 56-57% of both surgeries. 

20% of patients showed now improvement

10% of patients required a third operation



Keeping your wrist from moving is going to weaken the wrist and arm. Splinting should only be used short term and should be combined with additional therapy.

Cortisone Injections

These mask the pain and do not address what is causing the problem. They also damage the tissues into which they are injected which is why most physicians will only inject an area 3 times. 

A Modern Health Approach

Address the underlying problem

We will perform a thorough exam to identify what is causing your wrist pain and review our findings with you.

Provide what the body needs

Before we assume your body needs some drastic procedure or drugs we will make sure your nutritional needs are met

Create an Environment to heal

In addition to nutritional guidance our physician may recommend extremity adjustments, cold laser therapy, and soft tissue modalities to provide an environment that lets your body heal itself. 

At home rehab

We are happy to provide our paints guidance on the best way to engage with their care at home and ensure their treatment at our office will be successful by supplementing it with therapy at home 

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