Shoulder Pain

The Shoulder: A complex joint


Your shoulder joint is a point where three bones meet to form three joints. These joints and bones are stabilized by a number of different tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Source of pain


Because your shoulder is complex it is impossible to say without an x ray and or examination what the source of your shoulder pain is. Schedule your X-ray and exam to discuss your unique condition. 

Some conditions that can cause shoulder pain are: Broken/Factured bones, torn or strained soft tissues, rotator cuff tear, dislocation, and more. 

Don't delay your treatment


When you experience pain, stiffness or immobility your body is telling you something. Do not wait for inflammation, degeneration and pain to worsen. Postponing treatment can lead you to a more severe condition in which you need to take more invasive measures like surgery. 

Success Stories

Hi my name is Michelle. I am 6 months pregnant to see Dr. Patrick because I was told by two physicians I had frozen shoulder and no-one would touch me because I am pregnant. I came in yesterday unable to move my arm. Dr. Patrick did some wonderful treatments on me and I was able to sleep for the first time in 6 months for over an hour. If you are pregnant or not, come in and see him, he is wonderful.

I've been coming to Modern Helath for a few months and I came in with shoulder pain and a whole lot of other pain. My shoulder pain is gone, before I would leave work after 12 hours I could barely walk. Now I can go home and do things after work. The treatments the doctor gave me were very helpful. I really enjoy coming here, everyone is really nice and cares about you.

My shoulders were getting to the point where I was having trouble sleeping and my shoulders are back to where I can now sleep comfortably. Theres a lot of areas Dr. Gorman has corrected and I’m very appreciative.