Do you experience Sciatic pain?

👉🏽Pain in back, buttocks, hips, legs, and feet
👉🏽Sensation that runs down your legs
👉🏽Numbness and tingling
👉🏽Muscle weakness

You're not alone

It’s estimated 40% of Americans suffer from sciatica at some point. Modern Health offers several services that have been successful for many of our patients suffering from sciatic nerve pain. 

Taking The First Step

Our Physician cannot approve you for care or make recommendations without first doing a comprehensive exam and taking X-rays at our facility. If you are serious about addressing your sciatic pain call our office today to schedule your exam. 567-940-9333. 

Dr. Gorman is a foot specialist. Many of our issues with our knees and hips start with our feet. He may recommend one or a few of the many therapy we offer. Recommendations will depend on your condition and unique needs. A few options that patients are finding relief with include: insoles, decompression, adjustments, cold laser therapy, myofacial release and more!

A cut above the rest

Modern Health prides itself on offering the most advance technologies in the area. The decompression, cold laser, and even the certification for adjusting that our Chiropractic Physician holds is unique to this area allowing us to provide elite care than the standard you find in the area. 

Success Stories

\We have been coming here for some time, my husband was suffering from severe sciatic pain going down his leg. Also just a overall lack of energy and aching all over. Since we’ve been coming I’ve seen great improvement. I can tell by the way he walks he's not in pain. The biggest improvement has been in his back. He was never able to stand for any period of time without severe pain and after the laser treatments he can now stand and shave without severe pain. He has noticed thats the biggest improvement too. He's never been one to complain but I could always tell by his stature when he was in pain. He is no longer in pain and I give all the credit to Dr. Gorman

I just got done with my shockwave therapy treatment. It hurt a little but was worth every bit because when I got up I had no pain. It has helped my sciatic pain so much that when I got up I cried tears of joys. I feel like a new person I’m walking turning moving. I always feel so much better when I leave. Everyone needs to be in this program. I don't care how young or old you are, nobody needs to be in pain and hurting and throbbing. I recommend this to everyone. Don't wait. Bring your friends and your families. I tell total strangers, shout it from the rooftops, come see him.

I had sciatic nerve pain and back problems. I came here any my problems have been resolved in a very short amount of time. That staff is also very nice and I couldn't ask for more than what has happned. No pain bothers me at all now.

A friend sent me here and I came because I wanted to get help with the pain in my low back and leg. It would cause me to just sit around and do nothing. I've come  here and I'm getting better. I feel better and am moving better.

I came because I was in so much pain for so many years trying with all kinds of chiropractors. I could not stand the pain in my hip and in my back. It hurt so bad when I stood or when I walked and I came here and in 2 visits I have not much problem at all walking or standing. I cooked an egg for the first time without sitting down and burning it. It is great. He is completely different in his procedures than any chiropractor that I have been to before.