Neck Pain

Neck Pain is a symptom of an underlying problem. Without seeing you at our office we cannot say what that problem is. Because the neck is such an important part of your body our Doctors advise you do not put on diagnosis or treatment for neck pain. 

Neck Pain Symptoms

Stiff Neck

Weakness in your arms and hands

Shooting Pain



Neck Pain Causes

Degenerative Disc Disease

Over Use / Strain



Herniated Disc

Reverse Cervical Curve


These are only some of the causes of neck pain. We recommend seeking a medical professional to rule out any life threatening causes immediately if you are experiencing neck pain.

A Modern Health Approach to Neck Pain

First Step

Schedule an exam and x ray to speak with our physician about your neck pain.

Review of X ray findings

Our physician will review your x ray images with you to discuss your unique condition

Recommended Care

If your condition qualifies for care at Modern Health a recommendation will be made for care that is unique to your specific condition and goals