Lingering Injuries

Scar Tissue


Scar tissue symptoms include swelling, reduced range of motion, pain with movement, stiffness, and more. Addressing scar tissue that could be contributing to your painful condition is  a priority at our facility.

Dysfunctional Movements


Your body has a natural tendency to "baby" an injured joint which causes you to compensate with other movements, causing additional problems. Our doctor is a gait specialist and can provide you with guidance on who to properly move and support you body before and after an injury.

Chronic Inflammation


Inflammation is a small fire that destroys the tissues around it. Getting your inflammation under control can ensure a healing environment. 

Gradual Return


Our Doctor will guide you on what level of movement is appropriate and safely guide you to a full return when your body is ready.

Not just for athletes


Addressing lingering injuries is not just for athletes. Its important to allow your body to heal so you don't have to deal with chronic pain down the road. 

Supportive Therapies


The therapies at our office all have ONE goal in mind. That is to support your body to work in the way that it is supposed to. By giving the body what it needs to function normally our facility is providing the safest and best way to a pain free life.