Knee Pain




Failed Knee Surgery

Misalignment of the joint

Bad Nutrition

Meniscus/ACL/tendon/ligament tears or injury


Other unidentified lingering injury

Bone Spurs

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Modern Health Approach

Our Physician is an Extremity specialist and chiropractic adjustments may be recommended but it is likely that alone will be the only treatment you would need.

You may be recommended one or some of the following: Stretching and Exercise guidance, our special "knee on trac" decompression for knee pain, cold laser therapy, shockwave therapy, PEMF, infrared therapy, cupping, massage, kinesis taping, SASTM and more.

We pride ourself on making the proper diagnosis and mange the problem through:

1. Establishing proper muscle balance and function

2. restoring movement to the patella

3. Using specialized protocols and training to get you where you want to be.

4. Addressing gait issues and other body structure problems that are contributing to your pain.

strains, sprains, bone spurs and arthritis have been successfully treated at our office with our approach.

Other things you've been told to try


Many people are told that exercising your knee will help their knee pain. If you have arthritis and you try exercise you're more than likely going to have more discomfort, selling and pain. Exercise is great for preventative health and many conditions but when it comes to arthritis you need to make sure you know HOW to exercise, what red flags to look for. Like a car heats up, scrapes and destroys its engine without oil your joint can be used in an analogy and exercise should only be considered if the joint is in alignment, lubricated and all "maintenance" is up to date. 

Surgery and Drugs

If you are trying or already have tried to use drugs or surgery to feel better, that may not work. Unfortunately both just work on your symptoms and never address the real cause of your problem. As we all know the side effects and potential problems of drugs and surgery are far reaching and dangerous. Even over the counter pain medications many people take, even aspirin can have detrimental effects on your health so pay attention. 

Second Opinions and Avoiding Unnecessary Procedures

In some cases surgery may be your best option, but research finds that over 34% of knee replacements were inappropriate and arthroscopic meniscus surgeries were of NO benefit! Getting   second opinion is important and we are happy to provide a second opinion for those who are told they need to undergo surgery. 


Consider the following from legitimate research and published journals:

Arthroscopic Meniscal Surgery

"In the United States alone, surgeons perform approximately 700,000 arthroscopic partial meniscectomies every year. Strikingly, a recently published prospective randomized controlled trial (“Finnish Degenerative Meniscal Lesion Study”/FIDELITY trial) that assessed patient outcomes after arthroscopic meniscal trimming compared to sham surgery revealed no benefit for patients from the routine surgical procedure at 12 months follow-up." 22. Sihvonen R, Paavola M, Malmivaara A, Itala A, Joukainen A, Nurmi H, Kalske J, Jarvinen TL. Arthroscopic partial meniscectomy versus sham surgery for a degenerative meniscal tear. N Engl J Med. 2013;369:2515–2524. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1305189. [PubMed] [CrossRef] [Google Scholar]

Knee Replacements

A study found that over 34% of knee replacements were found to be inappropriate.

Look your surgeon up  Visit this website to view the amount of dollars your surgeon may (or may not) receive from device companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Success Stories

I feel much better since I’ve been receiving treatments. Everything is moving better and I feel like my knees are getting better because I am feeling better. I feel relieved knowing that I don't need to go see a surgeon to have my knees replaced. I’m confident this is doing  a good job and will maintain what I have already accomplished and expect to continue to see improvements. Its encouraging that you can get old and still feel good.

I was referred here by a happy patient because of the pain that I was in. Things are looking up for me, I’m feeling much better in my knees, they’re working better and I’m gaining my strength back. I might even be feeling a little younger. I’m doing well and am very pleased with Dr. Gorman.

My dad was having really bad knee pain, so I decided to bring him here to see Dr. Gorman. He evaluated his situation, did an adjustment and used the laser on his knees. Just a few days later he was feeling great, walking around having no pain at all. Thank you to everyone here at Modern Health!

I’ve been coming to Modern Health for a month now because issues with my knee, ankles, and feet. I’ve been getting adjustments and other techniques he uses. I have no pain in my knee now and the flexibility in my ankles and feet are so much better. I got laser therapy which helped the knee pain and other areas in my back and lower neck. Thank you Dr. Gorman.

I came to Modern Health and the doctor took my X-rays and went over them with me. Before coming here I would go to the hospital and get cortisone shots in my knees, it helped one knee but not the other. I wanted to try this before surgery and I’m glad I did because I’m feeling a lot better. The staff is nice but the main thing is that my pain is going away.

My name is Joann, I came to Modern Health because my knees were aching all the time. Dr. Gorman started treating me and has really helped me a lot. I got inserts for my shoes, adjustments and he worked on my scar tissue in my feet and my back. I think all that helped me and has really improved.

I’ve been coming for some time now and I love it here. Its a very relaxing place and very relaxing for me. I was having back pain and knee pain and inflammation in my knees and I like how the natural therapies have helped me. I had a great weekend and didn’t have any pain getting up and down and getting out of the car. Normally my knee would hurt. I appreciate all they’re doing and I love the relaxing time. Its my own time for me. I really appreciate everything they’re doing for me.

My wife and I both love to dance and I as I was getting older my knees were getting weaker. I had an X-ray taken (not at modern health) and the Doctor told me they are shot. I like to polka dance and the Doctor said “young man I advise you to drink your scotch before you dance and you won’t feel the pain.” and so that brought me here. I’ve drank all the scotch I ever want to drink and I want to keep dancing. My wife does too, so I’ve been here for some time and Dr. Gorman has progressed in his treatment and I’m still in the office and I feel really great, like I’m ready to dance.

I came in for the pain I was having in my knee. I was barely able to walk. I just lived with it until I heard about Modern Health. I didn’t know who else to turn to so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve been here a few times and I’m totally amazed, I mean totally, when I say that I'm 85% out of pain. I’ve never been able to walk this good, I’ve never been able to kneel on my knees and I did it the other way without even thinking about it. Those that know me know for a fact that I would never do that because of the pain I was in. I’m very thankful I came here. I believe it was a god send. Thank you Staff and Doctor.

I’ve been under Dr. Gorman’s care for quite some time. I initially came in for my knees that are bone on bone. I also had a problem with pain in my left hand that was giving me a lot of discomfort and keeping me up at night. Dr. Gorman took X rays and showed me where my pain was coming from. He adjusted me and used the cold laser. Later that day the pain had had relieved and 2 days later the pain in my left hand is gone. I am totally pleased with the pain relief I’ve gotten.

Have you opened a new location, redesigned I initially came in here for a torn meniscus and I had surgery. It has caused me all kinds of pain for years and I’ve been coming here for a month and after the first day I was amazed. The pain started dissipating. I came in here with pain scale of 8 and I'm around a 2 sometimes even less than that. I feel like I'm in my 30s and not in my 40s. Its phenomenal how much Dr. Patrick has been able to help me. Im absolutely pleased with this.

I came in for my knees. Both of them were a 10/10 in pain. I got cold laser therapy and adjustments. It has progressively got better and I can walk without pain. I listened to his directions that exercise can help. I can’t even tell that its bone on bone anymore because I can walk normal now.

When I started coming to Dr. Gorman I had 3 issues. My feet my knees and my hips. I’ve been going to a chiropractor for about 40 some years and I’ve near had a Chiropractor adjust mu feet. Its been years that every step I took I was in pain. Now, I’m without pain. I have no knee pain, no feet pain, more sore than painful. He's now addressing my hip pain and I am 95% better. It has been wonderful. His staff is pleasant to work with. He is a caring and wonderful doctor that will do anything to relieve your pain.

I came to Modern Health because I have trouble going up and down the stairs and my knees were starting to go out on me carrying buckets of water up from the basement. I also had plantar fasciitis in my foot and could barely walk or mow the yard. Yesterday I mowed the yard with no pain at all. I go up and down steps with no problems. My knee doesn't give out on me and I'm very satisfied.

Are your customers raving about you on sociaI was skeptical when I saw the news ad but thought 'nothing ventured nothing gained, this is something I'd like to try.' and it has been so successful for me. My knees feel great, I can go up and down stairs and they feel so much better. They really do. My daughter invited me to go on vacation to disney because my knees are better and she figured I can do it. I would recommend this to anyone with pain for something that really works.