Hip Pain




Excess Weight 

Sedentary Lifestyle

Misalignment of joints 

A leg that is longer than the other

High inflammatory diet or behaviors (like smoking)

Muscle or tendon dysfuction

Labral Tears

Symptoms of hip dysfunction

You may have dysfunction of your hip if you experience pain in the thigh, "inside" your hip bones, groin, buttocks and even low back. You may also experience sciatic pain. 

Traditional approaches for hip pain

Traditionally those experiencing hip pain had the following options:

Icing the area

Taking medications

Surgical Intervention in which the hip joint and or bones are replaced with metal ones

Modern Health's Approach To Hip Pain Is Different

The first step in addressing your hip pain at our facility is to receive X-rays and an exam by our Physician. He will review your x-ray images with you and in the case that you are approved recommendations for care will be made. If for some reason you are not approved a referral to a physical will be made. Your recommendations will depend upon your unique condition but may include soft tissue therapies as well as chiropractic adjustments, insoles, anti-inflammatory supplements or any of our other modalities. 

Call our office today to discuss your Hip Pain with our physician. 5679409334

Success Stories

For the past several years I’ve had a lot of pain in my hip and I’ve been to surgeons that wanted to do a hip replacement, but I was too young so we avoided it. I’ve been to other Chiropractors who didn’t seem to help anything and when I came to Dr. Gorman after the first visit the pain in my right leg and hip was gone. They used the laser on my back and it relieved all the pressure and pain and after the second treatment I’m able to walk without pain.

I found Modern Health in the paper and thought well “we’re going to try this” I came in and have done what they have asked me to do and wen through my sessions, got a new pillow and was smiling when I left. You always have to think positive and I’ve heard the testimonials and here I am giving you mine. Since coming I’ve been shopping, I’m a big shopper and trying to shop in pain is not  a good thing. I spent 2 hours in Walmart. The staff is awesome and the Doctor is fabulous. I would recommend them to any and everyone who is in pain to get help here.

I saw an ad and I thought, I have nothing to lose. I had a hip replacement and I’m still having pain. I have been unable to walk like i could before and have gained weight because of it. I started treatment for my knee pain and I’m practically without pain now. I’m able to start walking again! There are so many benefits to coming here, lots of different machines and therapies that you use. It’s not like any Chiropractor I’ve been to before. I am really really happy with my treatment here.

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